Canned Tomatoes

3 Aug

My mom came over with some tomatoes and we canned nine pints for her this afternoon.  I can hear the lids popping as I write this blog entry.  🙂  My tomatoes aren’t ready yet.  It’s going to be a small producing year I’m afraid.  I’m getting a couple here and there but not much right now.  Maybe next week I’ll have some ready to can.

Since we like canning tomatoes so much and the frozen jam was such a success, we’ve decided to branch out and do more!  We are going to freeze sweet corn this week.  My sister has a vacuum sealer that she is bringing tomorrow and we’re going to freeze corn while she’s here for our two day quilting retreat.  My mom is also going to the larger farmer’s market and look at peaches for canning.  We may split on a bushel and can some of those with light syrup.

An afternoon well spent!


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