1 Aug

I read Judy L’s Patchwork Times daily and she’s always dehydrating, canning, or putting something from the garden up.   I’ve been following her jelly making with interest.  I’ve canned tomatoes, pickles, etc but never any jelly or jam.  How hard can it be?  🙂

So today was the day!  I picked up some blueberries and strawberries from the store and some Sure-Gel pectin.  I got two varieties of the pectin  – regular and low-sugar.  I made jam instead of jelly because I like chunks of fruit in my spread.  I made the blueberry with the low-sugar version and made the strawberry with the regular version.  I also decided on the freezer jelly so I didn’t have to hot pack them.  Here are the results.

The Blueberry Jam

I didn’t follow the instructions correctly and added the fruit right away to the sugar and pectin while cooking.  I didn’t smash the berries enough either.  I’m not sure if it’s setting up thick enough.  But it tastes good.  I think it would be great over ice cream!  Even if it’s a little runny, it will be good on toast.  Next time I’ll combine the blueberries with some other berries – strawberries, raspberries, etc.  I think that would taste even better than straight blueberry jam.  And I’ll follow the directions next time too!  🙂  I should also give the totally sugarless (Splenda) version a try sometime.  But maybe I’ll try the sugarless with the strawberries since they are naturally sweeter than the blueberries.

The Strawberry Jam

This turned out PERFECTLY!  You can see the mini-spoonful missing from the side already.  It’s super sweet and has nice chunks of strawberries in it.  It’s setting up perfectly and will be awesome to have on toast.  This version was definitely a success!

The instructions say to let them sit covered at room temperature for 24 hours then freeze up to a year.  I’ve never had frozen jelly but this seems the way to go because it was really no hassle to make this morning.  We have room in our deep freezer for these small one cup containers.  I already gave away one container of each and I’m sure Gianna will eat up the strawberry jam like there’s no tomorrow.  Okay… I’ll probably eat some too!

I need more pectin and containers but purchased enough berries to make another batch.   A successful project IMHO.


I also finished the second block in the Florabunda BOM.

I did outline each of the orange petals.  Even though you can’t see it in the picture, it looks good in person.  I started the third one.

The middle block will pull the orange, red, and blue together into a giant bouquet.  My colors are the same as the author’s except a little darker and “country” as opposed to “clear” colors.  If that makes sense…


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