Block #2

27 Jul

Florabunda Block #2

This one has been interesting… “One Piece At A Time”, the designer of this series, uses the starch and template method to pre-prepare her pieces before appliqueing them.  I’ve tried that method before and didn’t like it but this time it worked really well for this block.  I think that’s the thing about knowing a lot of different techniques – there’s a good time to use one over the other so you need to know them all.

It’s just pinned and glued on the background.  However, the flowers have already been sewn together as a unit.  S0 now it’s just a matter of sewing all the green and the tips of the flowers down.

My colors are blah for this block.  There’s probably not enough contrast.  But I tried 3 different color combinations and this one really was the best.  I think I’ll outline the orange petals in a dark thread to make them stand out.

I am working backwards on my day today.  I like to work first; then do the fun stuff.  But I didn’t walk Hawk at the crack of dawn so I waited til after I took the kids to Vacation Bible School THEN walked him.  It’s so HOT outside!  I had to wait til I quit sweating to get cleaned up and get off to work today!  🙂  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  Off to work now!


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