A New Project

23 Jul

I know… I need a new project like a hole in my head!  And I didn’t start out to create a new project.  I saw a cool pattern for Ocean Waves in one of my new scrappy books and it looked easy.  So I chopped up more scraps from the scrap baskets and had a go at it.

I thought my workmanship was ATROCIOUS while I was piecing it but this picture doesn’t look too bad.  It’s not a show quilt – it’s a lounge-around-maybe-give-it-away quilt.  So who cares if the workmanship is a bit under par?  I do.  But it’s not that bad.  The above picture shows 6 10″ squares.  Since I’d need 80 to make a queen sized quilt, I have a lot to go.  The pattern calls for 800 half-square triangles.  Which… of course… they say to make all at once.  Who (besides my sister) works like that?  🙂  I gotta see the project as it’s forming.

I also decided NOT to put piano key borders on the String-X quilt.  Here is what the borders will look like.

I like this better.  Those borders were too much.

Okay… so here’s the plan.  I need to get a t-shirt quilt done and lots of quilting.  I’m going to pack up both of these projects into project boxes.  My sister and I are planning on a retreat before school starts (in the next couple of weeks!).  I’ll do both of these projects during that retreat.  In the meantime, I’ll get some quilting done.  That’s the plan.  🙂  Oh… and I’ll have to cut a gazillion 3″x4″ rectangles for the Ocean Waves project.


2 Responses to “A New Project”

  1. Sonia July 23, 2010 at 5:26 PM #

    A new book? You just snuck that comment in there hoping I wouldn’t see that 😉 I do like the ocean waves pattern and the scrappy is great looking. Get going on that quilting!!

    • ginaquilts July 23, 2010 at 6:13 PM #

      Yes – I already packed up the project so I wouldn’t be tempted. I’ve cut into a few of those “questionable” fat quarters in that last pack you bought.

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