Clamshell Top Is Finished

22 Jul

Doesn’t look square in the photo but it is.  Time to recap:

  • I loved this project!  I will definitely try it again!  I keep thinking about making this top larger by adding some applique next but nothing is jumping out at me.  It will be a while until I quilt it so I still have time to make up my mind.
  • I love the 3″ size.  I think any bigger and it wouldn’t have the same effect.  However, doing a lap or larger quilt with this 3″ size would be tough.  This 30″ x 30″ clamshell portion contains 221 clams.  So a small lap quilt would contain at least 4 times that amount.  That’s a lot of clams!  I might try a 4″ and see what the results look like.
  • The scrappiness looks great.  I like the look.  However it was a pain to switch threads in the dark row constantly.  My sister suggested a red/white/blue clamshell quilt.  Maybe I could alternate rows of red/white/blue/white.  It would still be made of a gazillion fabrics but I could stay with the same thread color for a given row.  That would speed things up and would look planned scrappy.  If I didn’t want a RWB quilt, a Christmas lap quilt would look awesome with red/white/green/white rows.
  • Overall this project was a 10 out of 10.  I enjoyed the entire process – from designing the template to figuring out how to keep the rows and columns straight to appliqueing it.  It was very fun.

On a different subject, the beast is trying my last nerve.  Hawk (now called “The beast” or “Butthead” in our house) chewed up the family room remote control this morning.  That was AFTER I took him out and played catch with him for 10 minutes.  I gave him a bone and thought that was what he was chewing.   In my defense, I was only on my second cup of coffee and wasn’t quite awake.  I just got back from a 1.5 mile walk/run with him.  He’s laying dead on the floor now.  I haven’t been taking him on those morning walks because it’s been SO HOT (and muggy) here.  But those walks are necessary for our survival I guess.  Cory… when are you bringing him back to Kentucky??


3 Responses to “Clamshell Top Is Finished”

  1. belinda July 22, 2010 at 1:19 PM #

    WOW girl….you ‘hooked butt’ on this one!!! Looks like you did a Fabulous job and I really really love the scrappiness you chose. My clams are much larger, like 6″ across…of course I am making a larger quilt with mine……LOL….yes, one of my complaints is switching out the threads too. This is the only project I have been working on lately and maybe it won’t take me as long to finish the top as I first thought…seeing yours
    completed makes me want to hurry up on mine. I plan on putting a border around mine too, like yours. I have seen them without one, but I think that will help to make it larger FASTER!!!…..OK, I off to thread on some orange colored thread now. Thanks for keeping me posted as to your progress!!!


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