Almost Done

20 Jul

I haven’t posted in a while because my mom borrowed my camera and my posts needed to be accompanied by pictures!

I finished the center of my clamshell quilt top!  At first I bordered it with black.

I liked it but it made the top look oriental.  I’m going to applique the clams to the top border so it’s not shown.  I thought it was a little too dramatic for my taste.

Nothing in my stash looked good so I went shopping for some good, old Kona Cotton.  I thought a caramel color  would warm up the piece and act as a medium to those lights and darks.

Yep – that’s the look I wanted for this top!  When I was buying it, I thought about going with a cinnamon color instead of this one.  But I took a chance with this one and I like it.  So I’m starting to applique the top border tonight and will add 3″ borders all the way around.  It will finish at about 36″ x 36″.  A nice size for a wallhanging for my office.

I also put the center together for the String X quilt.

Hmmm… how would that caramel fabric look for a skinny border on this quilt?  Maybe followed by some leftover piano keys from the center?

I think I like that one too!  🙂   I should have purchased more than 3 yards!  This may turn into a versatile color for me!


One Response to “Almost Done”

  1. belinda July 22, 2010 at 1:23 PM #

    Oh yes….I think you did good with the caramel color…you are right….the black did make it look sort of oriental.

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