I Lost My Template!

15 Jul

I can’t find my clamshell template!  I took it on vacation last week with some freezer paper (lots of freezer paper).  I didn’t work on them but instead made a gazillion freezer paper copies at the kitchen table and cut them out while watching a movie on Sunday.  Then we cleaned the kitchen earlier this week!  And it’s missing… gone…  Crud!  This is why I don’t clean my house.  I wouldn’t be able to find anything.  Heaven forbit if I “put it away” because where exactly is “away”?  Lucky thing I’ve got a gazillion freezer paper ones so I shouldn’t need the plastic template for a while.  Maybe I even have enough to finish this project center and I won’t need to expend the energy into finding this stinkin’ plastic one.  I’ve offered a $5 reward to the kids if they find it.  Hawk probably chewed it up for dessert last night.

The above tree is not from a picture of a real tree but from the techniques for making trees that are described in the book.


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