13 Jul

Ever since I tried that zentangle, I’ve thought about drawing.  I don’t think I could ever be great at drawing – never like my dad.  An artist just sees the world differently.  But I’d like to learn to sketch and see dimension and shading.  It will help with quilting – value in particular.

So… being ME… I bought a book and a kit of pencils today at Hobby Lobby.  The book is entitled “Drawing for the Absolute Beginner”.  Can’t go wrong there, huh?  🙂  I looked at several books and this seemed to take a “cookbook” approach along with a KISS approach.  Since I just want concepts and to learn a few things, I picked it up.

I said I’d only draw for about 1/2 hour a day.  Like anything else, it will take practice, practice, practice before I get anything acceptable.  I’ll blog my progress so I can see if there is any progress.

Today’s lesson was a coffee cup drawing.  Here’s my first attempt.

Or wait a minute… it’s not a drawing but a sketch.  The author said that if you expect drawings (which means really good art) then you’ll get easily discouraged.  A sketch is just a freehanded technique that you don’t overly erase and correct and criticize.  It’s not my own coffee cup but an attempted duplicate of the one in the book.  Okay… good enough.

But when I drew the second one I was more satisfied with it.  So I went on to the next chapter on shading and used their techniques to shade it.

Much better than the first attempt.  The base is wonky – the shading makes it look like it’s tilted or something.  I can go back and correct that.  But overall I’m pleased with it as a first day’s attempt.  I love that kneadable eraser.  It worked great to lighten up some of the shading that I was a little too heavy handed in applying.

So with this post, I’m going to have to add a new category – drawing.  That way I can track my drawing posts and see (hopefully) progress!


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