8 Jul

Elmer… that’s what I should name this clamshell quilt!

The two segments of the clamshell quilt are put together.

Why?  Because he’s been my best quilting tool for this top so far!

I bought the plastic and metal tips from Sharon Schauber’s booth in the Paducah show two years ago.  I can just dab on a small dot of glue in the seam allowance and then steam press it and it works better than pins.  The Elmer’s glue doesn’t seem to dry as hard and stiff as Roxanne’s glue so I can remove the freezer paper and reuse it easier.  No wetting is involved to dissolve the glue.  I just loosen the dots and it comes right out (usually).

I started the next section and will keep going on this until I’m bored with it.  I decided to add a column of lights to the left of the section that’s completed so the whole thing has light clams on the edges.  When I do decide to border it, I can border these in a dark fabric and the center will stand out better.

There’s one error that’s bugging the bejiminy’s out of me in the top above.  It’s the purple clam that’s in the second dark row – dead center.  Why is it smaller than the others?  How did that happen?  Should I remove and replace it?  I think I might have to since my eyes are drawn to that spot every time.  Can I replace it without screwing up the whole top?

We’re going away for a few days and I’M NOT BRINGING ANY QUILTING!  What??? I know… I don’t have any hand work ready to go.  I could bring along the hand quilting wall hanging that’s been sitting on my shelf forever.  There’s always some down time in the hotel.  And since I don’t sleep well, there’s more down time for me it seems.  If I don’t bring that, I’ll bring some freezer paper and the clam template and cut out a lot more of those.  Maybe I’ll bring both… but then DH will give the “really??” look.  He’ll make some comments on my addiction.  🙂  What addiction?


One Response to “Elmer”

  1. Sonia July 8, 2010 at 12:28 PM #

    Elmer is perfect!

    Remember the story of your first quilt and how you cried because it wasn’t perfect…and now you can’t even find the mistake? If I’m driving by your house and this quilt is hanging on the clothes line, will I see the purple clam ‘mistake’?

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