Guess Who’s Back?

6 Jul


That’s right!  Hawk is back to visit for another week.  Cory came home from Ft. Knox for the July 4th weekend.  When he checked in yesterday, he found out that his unit was going “in the field” all this week.  There wasn’t time for him to find someone in Kentucky to take Hawk in for the week, so we said we’d do it.  Hawk will have to be kenneled for a few days locally because of plans that we have.  But I found a nice kennel and he’ll be fine.  We’ll meet Cory halfway on Sunday to drop the dog off.  “We” meaning “ME” of course.  🙂

We’ll also have Hawk at the end of the month so Cory can go to California for training.  I think it will be for two weeks on that stint.  Lucky thing Cory doesn’t have any kids!  I don’t think they can be kenneled!  😉

I got up early this morning and picked beans.

Beans From Our Garden

We never plant enough beans in our garden!  If it were up to me, I’d plant twice as many beans as we do now.  They grow great and we eat them like there’s no tomorrow.  I’ll just freeze this batch as is – no canning, blanching, anything.  Because I know we’ll eat them in less than a month.  Beans from our garden never even make it into the fall.  We eat them so quickly!  Next year, I’m standing my ground and we’re planting MORE BEANS!


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