Zentangle Update

29 Jun

So I figured out if the zentangles I did were too white – I should just ink some more in!  Duh moment.  Here are some updates and the start of a new one.

I started the last one tonight while Gianna and a friend were swimming.  I don’t think two 9yo’s should be in a pool by themselves so I sat outside and doodled.  I don’t have a book that I’m crazy about reading and I finished my applique block, so this was a good time filler.  I could have weeded I guess.  😉

I also put the borders on the t-shirt quilt so it is officially DONE.  “DONE” meaning pieced…  It’s 93 x 108 !!!  Definitely queen sized!  I tried to piece the backing but soon discovered that I hadn’t bought enough fabric.  TYPICAL!  So I figured, “Why fight it?” and went and picked up PLENTY of wide backing.  That quilt will get loaded AND quilted tomorrow which gives me one whole day to bind and label.  I’m ahead of schedule in my book…. warped book that it is.  Please – no emergencies in the next two days though!


One Response to “Zentangle Update”

  1. Sonia June 30, 2010 at 6:03 AM #

    These doodles look like a good quilt pattern.

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