28 Jun

Have you heard of this term – zentangle?  I hadn’t until recently when reading a post on MQResource.com.  I googled it and thought, “It’s just doodling and quilting combined.”  Followed by the ever popular phrase, “I can do that!”  Do I have time?  No….  but today the kids and I had some free time in our schedule and I thought we should try it.  The 11yo was okay with doing it for about 15  minutes.  I was hoping it would unleash his creative side.  My 9yo stuck it out for about 1/2 hour.  I, on the other hand, am hooked.  🙂  Here are two of my zentangles.

First Attempt

Okay… not too terrible.  So I googled some images for inspiration.  I decided I needed some black background space.  So I did this one.

Second Attempt

Better on the black background space but needs even more.  I can see this could get addicting if I let it.  But I MUST get that t-shirt quilt loaded on the longarm and kick it out already!  Enough of these distractions!  😉


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