Busy, Busy, Busy

26 Jun

Where did May go?  Where did June go?  I know June isn’t over yet, but it’s coming to a quick end!  AGH!  My summer will be almost over before I blink an eye!

I finished the QOV that I was working on.  I even pieced the back and then hung it in the closet to be quilted.  No pictures yet. I’ll try to snap some for Design Wall Monday.

Yesterday we went for the closing day of my son’s camp at NIU.  The camp really was nice for him.  Each group did a PowerPoint presentation about their two weeks.  It was in a large lecture hall with dimmed lighting and I only have a point-and-shoot camera.  But here’s one of my pictures of him presenting.

Before you ask… Yes, we did comb his hair before going up there but ?? He’s not real particular about those kinds of details unfortunately.  They all received medals and certificates and he got glowing remarks from the head of the camp concerning his intelligence and work ethic.

Now that he’s back at home, he needs to get caught up on his sleep and I need to find activities to keep him busy for the month of July.  Video games and TV are no way to spend your free time.  So we are brainstorming some more stuff for him to get involved in.  We don’t have neighborhood kids for him to play with and he doesn’t have too many friends so we tend to get stuck in a rut sometimes.

I took out an old project and started appliqueing another block.

This is from the “Applique Delights” book.  The authors show it with purple flowers.  I would have done purple flowers but I have very little purple fabric!  🙂  I have an abundance of red though.  😉  Nothing wrong with a standard red and green block – right?

I am appliqueing using my favorite method.  You draw the pattern on the back of the fabric and then baste the shapes into place.  (The shapes aren’t cut out until after the basting.  So you are just basting on a blob of fabric).  You use a thick needle and thick thread.  Then *I* pencil or chalk the design on the basted line.  Most just use the basted line as their guide but I like the security of a line there.  Cut away the extra fabric and needle turn.  When you needle turn, you remove the basting stitches a few at a time.  You are left with the drawn line AND holes in the top applique fabric and bottom background fabric that tell you where things should line up!

My appliques are in the correct spot and are pretty dead on as you can see from this back shot.

That is my favorite applique technique.  It doesn’t work for all designs so I seek out designs where this technique works best because I like the accuracy I get.  Is it more time consuming than other techniques?  Hard to say…. I don’t like freezer paper on the back with glue.  I find that to be less accurate and messy and more time consuming.  Regular needle turn with a plastic overlay is faster and I like that method second best.  It also wastes less fabric than my method.  But this is still my preferred choice when I hand applique.


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