A Day Off

23 Jun

No baseball games; no camps to go to; nothing today!  Yay!  So why am I worn out at 4pm?

1)  Put on two of the final borders on the QOV quilt.  Went with the blue that I used in the sashing so I didn’t have to buy any fabric.

2) Made bagels with a new recipe.  Bagels are more time consuming than regular bread because of the boiling stage.  The recipe was a bit salty and the bagels are lumpy and weird shaped but they are edible.

3)  Cleaned lettuce and beans that we picked last night.  We were anticipating an early morning storm and – yep – we had one.  So we picked the vegies after the game last night but didn’t clean them.  Lettuce is a “high-maintenance” vegetable to grow because it takes so darn long to clean.

4)  Cleaned the house.  Stripped the sheets and started the piles of laundry.

5) Went to the college to let two students into my internship class.  A software program that can’t be run from home needs to be run in order for the students to gain entry to the class.  PITA.  Xeroxed an applique pattern that needed to be blown up in order to use.  My 9yo wanted another one from the same book blown up so she could “redwork” it.  This should be interesting…

6)  Came home and put a chicken in the oven.  Started my 9yo on the redwork project.  Had to transfer the pattern to freezer paper and then to the white fabric.  Started on a refresher lesson on how to do the backstitch when she received a call from a friend to come over.  I was dumped in lieu of a better time.

7)  Took my 9yo to the friend’s house.  Cleaned up our redwork mess from the table.  Watered flowers.  Pumped the water from the pool cover.  Looked at the disaster that my sewing room has become and said, “LATER!”  Did more laundry and dishes.

After our “regular family meal” today (no Subway, no sandwiches on the go, no “free for all” for tonight’s meal), I will tackle that sewing room and get it organized enough to finish sewing on those two remaining borders.  Then I can whip together the t-shirt quilt top that’s been patiently waiting for me.

In other news, my oldest daughter turned 21 yesterday.  I worried she wouldn’t live through the day but thankfully she did.  Now I have to worry about her legal drinking and hope that she is responsible when driving.

My oldest son called yesterday and it looks like he will be re-deployed to Afghanistan.  We were hoping that he’d slip by without a second deployment but no such luck.  He’s bummed… we’re bummed.  He had a really rough deployment last time. He was out in a base in the middle of nowhere and was fired on daily.  He saw lots of his comrades die and get injured.  He doesn’t want another deployment like the last one.  He’s scheduled to leave in December and return in July.  Major bummer…


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