Slow Going

22 Jun

The quilt top doesn’t look much different but I’ve got the blocks sewn together in rows and only have 3 more seams before the center is done!  I picked out a nice flag fabric from my stash to use as the outer border but I don’t think I have enough.  I’m going to add a 2″ star-fabric border first, then I’ll measure to see how much of the flag fabric I can use in the border.  Maybe I’ll have enough for a 4″ border instead of 6″.  I’m not sure where I got the fabric.  I’d go get more if I could remember.  So far I’ve used stash fabric only for this quilt.

We have a ton of softball games in the next two weeks.  We tied in last night’s game so our record is 5-1-1.  The girls are really playing well.  They are stopping the ball in the field and making the correct throws to the bases (most times).  They are hitting well.  I can’t believe how far they’ve come!

4H has been non-existent in the past month and now that the fair is close they want to cram in a bunch of meetings and projects.  This 4H group is new and we will not belong to it next year because it hasn’t been a good experience.  We need to go out to the barn and ride Mac soon.  He lost a shoe and was not able to ride all last week.  He was re-shod yesterday.  We already have plans for this afternoon but we will make sure we go out tomorrow for an afternoon ride.


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