A Day In The Life

16 Jun

6:30am – Up to drink coffee alone and wake up slowly.

7:00am – Tackled the #7 block.  The cutting instructions were correct after all but weird piecing.  Finished at the perfect size  (no picture yet though).

8:00am – Woke Gianna up for softball camp.  Jumped in the shower.

9:00am – Dropped Gianna off at camp; went to check out a possible new boarding facility for Mac.  Toured the grounds for an hour.  It’s not going to work out right now but he’s got an impressive plan.  It may be a nice place in the future.

10:30am – Picked Gianna up from camp; came home and vegged for 1/2 hour.

11:00am – Rode our bikes to McD’s.  Ate outside on a picnic table.  Gianna wanted dessert  but McD’s was too busy.  Rode over a mile to the ice cream shop so she could get a sundae.  Ate outside on a picnic table.  Rode our bikes the library.  Rode home again, sweating profusely.

1:00pm – Dug the ancient golf clubs out of the shed and went golfing with my folks.  Gianna drove the cart and was the photographer.  She took 96 pictures.  Like this one of my dad…

And this action shot of my mom…

And, let’s not forget this action shot of ME!

That’s the first time I’ve golfed in about six years.  I actually hit the ball well about 1 in every 4 shots!  Those are the only ones I’ll remember!  I’ll just shelve the others away…  We didn’t keep score so it was an excellent outing.

Besides being photographer-extraordinaire, Gianna putted for me.

She took a lot of butt shots that I won’t show you.  Then when she was patiently waiting in the cart, she must have taken some of these shots.

3:30pm – Came home to a phone message from Gianna’s friend.  “Can she come over to swim?”  Of course…  Off we went to the friend’s house.  I came home and took an Aleve for my soon-to-be-sore shoulder and took a second shower.

By 8:00pm, she and I will be passed out cold.  I may need a crane to get up the stairs tonight!


One Response to “A Day In The Life”

  1. Sonia June 18, 2010 at 6:54 AM #

    thanks for a good laugh! Gianna is an excellent photographer.

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