Garage Sale Find

3 Jun

Ignore the messy garage!  I found this sewing machine at a garage sale today.  I paid $25 for it plus the built in cabinet.  The wood cabinet needs to be refinished but the machine is in good shape.  The machine seems to be made of cast iron – it’s heavy!  It’s a White brand and the manual says it’s either a model 41 or 43.  The cabinet has a knee press instead of a pedal.  It came with all the original accessories and manual. There are a gazillion feet and I have no idea what they are used for.

The research that I’ve done so far tells me nothing of the value.  Some sites said that if it isn’t a “cult” machine like the Featherweight then it wouldn’t be worth much to anyone.

I think it was a bargain for $25.  Did I need it?  No, I did not!   But I like it.  🙂

There was also a quilt top that said it was labeled “1930s quilt”.  But some of the squares felt like a polyester blend and it wasn’t in great shape.  They wanted either $20 or $45 – depending on what label you read!  I didn’t get it.

I still haven’t finished quilting the blue applique quilt.  I’m on the final border then I’ll do some touch ups on the blocks and I’ll be done.  Maybe tomorrow – it seems like I’ve had “about an hour” left to do for the last three days!  I’m terrible at estimating my time!


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