25 May

Whew – it’s hot here today!  It’s in the high 80’s with about 90% humidity.  There’s a storm looming in about a half hour so I thought I’d get in some of my flowers before it gets here.  Hopefully the rain won’t be too hard and pummel them to death.

I put in some zinnia's in the seven pots in the back by the pool. I need to get some spikes to go in the center yet. These looked great last year and hope they look just as good this year.

My vegetable garden is coming up nicely too.  The lettuce on the tape didn’t work out too well but the radish tape did.  We replanted lettuce from seed and it’s time to thin it.

For supper tonight

Finally, I picked some of my peonies before the storm which will flatten them to the ground.  They make such a pretty table centerpiece.

Hawk had to go to the vet this morning for a worm problem (gross!) and we have another softball game tonight.  Between those events and laundry, I’m not getting much quilting done!


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