We Won!

24 May

Whew… first softball game of the season is behind us.  My jitters should subside but I don’t know if they ever will.

I am coaching my daughter’s 7-8yo instructional team.  I have three excellent people helping me.  I am not cut out for this pressure, I tell you!

We’ve really worked on hitting during the last couple of practices and the girls hit the ball so well.  Fielding was not so good but you can’t have everything.  It was hot and muggy and miserable on the field.  The girls’ attention spans are shorter than a flea’s. They sing goofy chants in the dugout.  I try not to be a “fun killer” but the songs really bug me.  And I do admit that I’m a wee-bit competitive.  🙂  Winning isn’t everything but I didn’t want to go winless this season. Now that we won the first game, I can rest assured that we will not go winless.  And I can sleep… as soon as I wind down… which may be never.


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