A Surprise

23 May

Friday night my son Cory showed up at our door for a surprise visit.  He’s a Sergeant in the US Army stationed at Fort Knox, KY.  He came home for the weekend on a whim.

He’s been shopping for a dog.  He wanted a boxer.  We went to the local shelter – it was closed.  I took him out to the barn to see the new lab puppies that will be available in about 3 weeks to a month.  He really liked them.  BUT… while we were there, the horse trainer pointed out a one year old lab that they never sold from a previous litter.  They didn’t have him fixed yet and need to get rid of him before he starts breeding with his sisters.  We took him home for a trial run and WE FELL IN LOVE!  What a wonderful dog!  Unfortunately Cory can’t take him to KY for another two weeks at least so we are keeping him here.  He needs to be housebroken since he’s lived in a barn his whole life.  Here are the pictures.

His name was Huck (short for Huckleberry) – but we can’t trust 20-something-year-old soldiers not to make up obscene rhymes to go with that name.  So  Cory renamed him Hawk as in Blackhawks or Hawkeyes. He took to the crate instantly and he just wants to be around us constantly.  He gets along with our shih szu Sadie with no problems.

A weekend full of surprises!


One Response to “A Surprise”

  1. isathreadsoflife June 1, 2010 at 2:20 PM #

    Lovely, adorable surprise :)happy for you. Almost a year ago I had a similar surprise for my birthday : Nino, a beagle, 8 weeks old. So cute and shy. Today he is the real hound dog, afraid of cows though…always with me, especially when I am cooking. A wonderful companion…as long as there are no deers, foxes, hares around. Then I don´t exist any longer ! Many happy days with Hawk 🙂

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