Busy Week

6 May

Not much time for sewing this week (unless you count the pants I just hemmed).  We’ve had so much going on this week but it looks like it’s all going to get done and we’ll survive.

It’s the week before finals for me. That means all my grading has to be caught up.  I usually don’t get very far behind in my grading, but one class in particular had some hardware issues and I let the due dates slide.  So I’ve been spending the week backpedaling to make sure I’ve got everyone’s assignments graded.  In the other classes, I have numerous emails that I count as “last ditch efforts”.  Emails like, “I was just looking at my grades (they are posted online and accessed via password) and an assignment back in JANUARY says I only got 5/15.  Why is that?”  Seriously?  I put comments on each assignment – again online – for what was deducted and why.  But don’t you think that’s something that you could have brought up in…. February at least?  Or, if nothing was handed in, the student gets a zero with a comment – nothing handed in.  Emails are now sent that say, “I’m sure I handed that in….” It’s very frustrating and time consuming on my part.  I have 80-something students and about 20 send me these messages.

So I’m making up finals, getting my grading caught up, holding last minute meetings, and getting ready for my online summer class (starts May 24).  Softball and baseball are in full swing for the kids and with Dan and I both coaching, it’s hectic at night too.  The kids have stuff at school like band concerts (really?  3 days notice that there’s a concert where he needs certain clothes, etc??), end-of-semester reports and science experiments, and let’s not forget field trips.  Lots of stress.  But we’re plugging through with the help of my WONDERFUL DH’s organization skills and lists.

In fact, I woke up this morning at 4:30 and hemmed my son’s pants (just purchased last night) for the band concert.  While I was at it, I pressed some other clothes, because… why not?  Sleep is overrated… especially for this week.

What lies ahead?  Next week.  Much better.  Fewer things going on.  I only have one class a day because of finals.  I have meetings two nights though.  And I may get time to sew a little bit.


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