Sidetracked By A Book

28 Apr

I came into work on Monday and my “pod-mate” gave me a book.  I call her my “pod-mate” because our offices are arranged at the end of a hallway.  There are three offices, but she and I are a “yell” away and besides, I don’t know what else to call her?  My next-door-officemate?

Anyway, she is an English Comp teacher and likes most of the same books that I like.  We are constantly giving each other book recommendations.  I love that! (BTW, being an English Comp teacher, I get nervous when she reads my blog.  I worry that she’s saying, “Comma splice here….  run on sentence here…. How did this woman ever get advanced degrees?” ) 🙂

Back to the topic at hand….  The book is “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb.  Right away I noticed the “Oprah Book Club” logo on the front and said, “Oh no… is this a depressing book?  One I’ll end up crying through?”  Did you ever read “Ruth”?  The woman’s life was crappy when the book started and still crappy when it ended.  I was spent for a week after reading that one.

Back on topic again… I have been reading this book since Monday night… non-stop.  I’ve stayed up til after midnight both nights, got up early to read, you name it.  I was HOOKED big time.

So here it is WEDNESDAY and I’m behind on grading and laundry and quilting!  But the book is finished.  It was good.  Depressing but I’m not too beat up.  I’d recommend it.

Tonight I will sleep.  And start a Harlen Coben book.  🙂  Maybe…


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