Would This Just Be Weird?

26 Apr

Did you see the nine-patch on my last post?  Here it is again…

Scrappy Nine-Patch Done So Far

So I’m sitting in my office today (not grading like I should be doing) and I thought, “What if I did half of the quilt like I have it, and half the opposite values?”  So I came home between day and night classes and modified my EQ drawing.  Keep in mind that my quilt is NOT red and white, but scrappy.  Would this just look weird or would it look cool?

Except mine would be scrappy.  It looks cool in red and white.  It might look even better with an appliqued border on the outside!  Of course, there goes the quick and easy quilt once I add applique.  Then it will probably go into the UFO pile for a while because I’m so slow at applique (machine or hand).  But I think it would look cool.  If I have time, I’ll “scrappy up” the drawing and see how it looks.


One Response to “Would This Just Be Weird?”

  1. Diana W. April 26, 2010 at 3:13 PM #

    I think it may look really interesting. Scrappy it up (the EQ drawing) and then decide. I think you may have a good idea there! I’ll be watching.

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