I’m Having Fun

18 Apr

I am really enjoying quilting this quilt!  I haven’t done much custom these days and am really out of practice.  “Custom = stress” in my mind so I lock up and can’t seem to execute.  This quilt… there’s no stress.  It’s not anything special.  So I’m just playing with quilting again.  And I like it!  🙂  Here are a few more blocks done.

I love this iris pattern. I should do a whole quilt of these. Put it on the list.

It’s nice to see that my applique has improved significantly since I did some of these blocks.  I estimate that most of the blocks in this quilt are 4-5 years old.  My points are usually a bit pointier now (hey – spell check didn’t say pointier wasn’t a word, but it probably should be “more pointy”!) and my curves are a bit more curvy.  And my stitches are definitely smaller which helps.  Here’s a close up of the fill.

Freehand baptist fan fill

Two more little blocks:

This heart matches the one a few rows up - swirl fill

My spacing is messed up on this leaf fill but I'm not going to worry about it

Today, the 4H club is meeting at our house.  Gianna is doing a cooking demo and the girls are working on their horse books.  I need to clean up before they come.  I’m also making Kumla for supper.  Kumla is a Norwegian dish that we usually only have on New Year’s Day.  But Gianna requested it for her birthday and, even though her birthday was over a week ago, this is the first Sunday I’ve had enough time to make it.  Another busy day at the Elias house.


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