The Best Laid Plans

16 Apr

In the last post I detailed my plan for the day.  Morning = grading and electronically recording/publishing my lectures for next week when I’m in Paducah.  Well….  I forgot that my mom wasn’t coming to clean.  And, frankly, my house was pretty messy.  Plus my laundry really needed to be tackled.  So I started in on those two things first.  Well, one thing led to another and eventually I had to go downstairs to the sewing room to put some stuff away from the upstairs.  And… I kind of got sidetracked.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I loaded my blue applique quilt onto the longarm.  That’s what actually brought me downstairs in the first place you see.  I still had the backing fabric that I purchased last Friday upstairs because it never made its way to the sewing room.  So rather than put it away, I figured I might as well piece the seam so it would be ready to go.  And as long as I’ve got the seam pieced and the LA was quilt-free, I might as well load it.  It’s sounding like “If you give a mouse a cookie…”, isn’t it?

I didn’t do a whole lot of quilting on it but it’s progressing nicely.  Lots of continuous curves through the 2″ squares.

Pretty good stitches for not having a stitch regulator. Somehow the judges always can tell there's no SR.

I originally thought I should quilt the CC’s with Mother Goose thread color.  But I like the ivory.  It doesn’t detract as much as I thought it would.  I only got to quilt one small applique square.

It’s hard to see because I’m the world’s worst photographer but it’s a swirly fill.  I’m going to practice my fills on the applique areas so they will all be different.

I did get to some more cleaning and laundry but never did get around to grading and recording.  I went to my noon meeting and then rode Mac for an hour trail ride.  It was a bit windy but we went out with Liz and her horse, Bear, and had a nice ride.  I took Mac back to the arena and did some trotting and loping.  First try he picked up the correct lead going to the left, but it took three tries to get him to pick up the correct lead on the right.  It’ s hard for me to “feel” if it’s the correct lead or not, but I’m getting better.


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