Hectic Schedule

16 Apr

Not much to report on the sewing front I’m afraid.  My schedule has just been nuts this week! My nights went like this:

Monday –  night class.  Tuesday – DJ and Dan had baseball practice; Gianna and I went to the barn so she could ride.  Wednesday – Gianna and I had softball practice; the whole family came to help.  Thursday – prepared the garden; tilled, added fresh dirt and fertilizer.

I try to do one thread of hand quilting a day.  When I’m lucky, I get two threads completed.  I just counted and I have 84 diamonds that make up the tumbling blocks (28 blocks composed of 3 diamonds each).  I have 16 / 84 done.  Done means stitched in the ditch and smaller diamond quilted in each center.  That’s all – 16 done!  That’s 20%.  In 5 weeks I should have all the blocks done.  Then there’s the border…  Like I said, “LONG TERM PROJECT”.

How’s the stitching going?  Some days are better than others.  Sometimes I look and think that I must have been drunk while stitching because the stitches jump all over the place.  No straight lines anywhere.  What the heck?  Sometimes the stitches are good.  This morning the stitches were good so I got in two diamonds before 7am and rehooped.

Today’s projects include:  grading this morning; recording a lecture for when I’m in Paducah next week.  Meeting at noon.  Riding at 1:30pm.  Baseball practice for Dan and DJ at 5:00pm.  Gianna may want to go riding again during that time.  Supper carry-outs.  Quilting?  Maybe…  I want to load a top on the LA and get down to the sewing machine to piece or cut a bit… and maybe fit in another hand quilted diamond (or two).


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