Hand Quilting Progress

11 Apr

It’s slow going.  I spend more time evaluating my work than actually quilting.  I think I’ll pick up speed once I get more confident with my stitches.  Here is my progress from yesterday’s quilting (off and on) and early this morning.

I love that when it's in the hoop, you quilt a six-pointed star.

Out of the hoop. Is that all I got done?

I’ve found that I can’t see my needle come up through the fabric on the really dark fabric like the purple.  Plus the light gray thread really shows on the dark fabric.  I do like the poly batting – it’s like there’s no batting at all.  I’ve found that I have to stab stitch through the seam allowances that result from the six seam joins (center of the “star”).  A lot of bulk is in there.

It appears I’ve started another long term project.  Is there any other kind?  I’ll bet I have 3 hours invested in that little bit of work there.

Next, according to the Nancy Chong video, I move the hoop to the 1:00 position overlapping what I’ve already done.  Onward I go.


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