Not So Bad After All

10 Apr

I finished my sister’s One Block Wonder quilt.  I haven’t done any custom quilting in a long time.  I was given free reign to play so I did.  I wasn’t really happy with the quilting job while I was doing it (hence it was on my frame forever).  I had some good ideas but they weren’t thought through and the execution wasn’t up to my standards.  But I finished it anyway and guess what? It’s not so bad after all.

Full View of the Front

Three Borders From The Back

I didn’t erase any chalk marks from the front.  I like the diamond border in the black.  The swirls on the inside of the quilt don’t show at all.  The ferns in the purple were not thought out.  I’d do those differently in the future.  That outer border….don’t get me started.  It was patterned and there wasn’t anything I could do that wouldn’t interfere with the pattern.  So I just picked a continuous path and followed the fabric.  It looks fine on the front but weird on the back.  Again the execution wasn’t that great.  But overall, the quilt wasn’t too bad.

DONE – which is good.

I loaded my tumbling blocks quilt to be basted on the longarm.  I have no idea how to baste this for hand quilting.  So I just did semi-straight lines horizontally only.  The top is square and anchored on all sides.  I hope this is correct.

Basted with cotton thread - thin poly batting

I’m not sure I’m going to like the batting.  I watched my Nancy Chong hand quilting video (part of her Hawaiian quilting video) and I think I’m ready to go.  Now to find the time.


One Response to “Not So Bad After All”

  1. Globalsavior April 10, 2010 at 3:30 PM #

    Nice and also very creative! 😉

    When you zoom up and down the cube / square quilt, it kinda looks like it’s more close and far from you. I like your quilts.

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