Still No Sewing

2 Apr

The weather has just been fantastic here!  Yesterday it got up to 84!  This is mid-Illinois on April 1st for pete’s sake!  That never happens.

On Wednesday, I came  home from work and spent almost 3 hours washing my windows.  Dan took out the screens and power washed them.  Last spring I got new windows in the upstairs.  They pull out towards you to be washed. What a blessing that is!  The two bay windows on the bottom floor have to have the ladder dragged out and you have to fight the bushes.  Dan’s leg has the battle scars from the front one.  But it was worth it because the windows just sparkle!

I held off until yesterday to take my trail ride with Mac.  I got off work at noon and headed out to the barn.  Another woman was saddling up along with a 13-year-old girl.  We all decided to go out together.  I wish I would have had my camera!  The horses enjoyed being out in the open as much as we did.  What a beautiful afternoon it was!  I love trail riding and being with the horse.  🙂

In our cleaning adventure this week, a lot of “stuff” got piled up on top of my LA table and cutting table and even my sewing table.  I have to clean it off THIS MORNING.  I also hope to finish quilting Sonia’s OBW which has been sitting on my LA for over a week – maybe two!

I couldn’t fall asleep last night (surprise, surprise) and  so I went downstairs and grabbed a quilting book off the shelf.  It was Elly Sienkiewicz’s “Baltimore Beauties and Beyond” (Volume One).  I love looking at the book.  My mind churned all night thinking about the book.  I got up this morning early (dang birds) and cut out a freezer paper applique pattern.

I love that red applique quilt that I found on the Internet that’s completely composed of these paper patterns.  I started a quilt like that a few years ago but I made the background Kona Cotton and I didn’t like the rough feel of it.  I quilted one into a pillow for Gianna and have two more down the basement waiting to be quilted up.  I want this one to be composed of all my own pattern designs and represented of my life and family.  That’s the plan anyway.  Will it get finished?  Probably not… but it’s a good idea.

Time to clean the sewing room!


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