No Quilting

30 Mar

I haven’t been doing any sewing or quilting of any kind in the last few days.  Why?  First, it’s in the mid-60s here in Illinois.  That never happens in early April.  Second, baseball season has started.  My daughter’s softball team needed a coach so I got recruited for the job.  Then there’s Fantasy Baseball.  Our draft was tonight.  I had the worst draft spot – LAST!  My team is mediocre.  Now the trades start.  Finally, Easter is coming up so we have to prepare the house for company to come over.  If it wasn’t for hosting the holidays, my house would never be clean!  We are all hoarders in this family!  We need to get rid of stuff big time!

Tomorrow I plan on going on a trail ride with Mac.  🙂  What a wonderful life…

One Response to “No Quilting”

  1. Gari March 31, 2010 at 7:43 PM #

    Baseball, softball….what a life you lead. but I do understand about the temp. It has been in the 70s here and I keep finding myself outside, reading. I just can’t seem to keep myself in either the house or the studio.

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