Today’s Projects

23 Mar

I’m doing things today that I don’t really LOVE but need to get done. First, I have to finish this t-shirt quilt this week.  I’m half way through putting borders around each t-shirt block.

I went down to the sewing room immediately after taking the kids to school and told myself that I couldn’t do anything else until at least 1/2 of the blocks were done.  That took an hour and a half.  Now I know what time to budget for the second half.  The plan is to set them in black.  That may change after I get all the blocks done and start auditioning fabrics for the sashings.  This quilt is for a family whose son passed away last year.  He had downs syndrome and was in high school when they discovered he had leukemia.  The parents were very nice and cheerful when they dropped off the shirts – reflecting on some of the memories.  I, on the other hand, am saddened terribly while working on this.  I can’t seem to shake the doom and gloom feeling when I get this project out.  My sister backed all the t-shirts and cut them out for me.  They had 32 – enough for two quilts – one for each sibling.  I just need to plug away.

The other project is to finish quilting my sister’s OBW.  I stopped a week ago and need to kick it out.  I’ve made a few mistakes and the ideas that I thought would look great are mediocre at best.  She saw it and agreed and said just get it done.  She’s going to give it away anyway.  So that project is also on the docket today.

Delayed gratification must be implemented today.  If I can get these two things going, THEN I will have the rest of the week for some “fun” stuff.  (But I still MUST go horseback riding today!  60 degrees is expected with sunny skies!  I went yesterday in the arena and then for a short trail ride.  The ground is soft so I didn’t wander from the trail.  More of the same today.)


One Response to “Today’s Projects”

  1. Sonia March 23, 2010 at 6:04 PM #

    No gloomy’ness! Mitch led a happy and very loved life. That’s all we can hope and pray for. I probably will never have as many friends as he did ;o)

    God is always good!

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