22 Mar

Kinda… The bottom border waves so I’m frogging it now and will remeasure and reattach before putting the project away.  I knew when I was pinning it that there was too much fabric there.  But did I stop?  No…. idiot!

The center was surprisingly square being that there wasn’t a straight of grain anywhere to be found!  I was only off by 1/4″ both horizontally and vertically.  If I did piece a larger version in the future, I’d piece it in segments and then combine the segments instead of long rows.  I think that might help the wonkiness stay in check.

Okay – after the frogging I’m going to have to something non-quilting and that doesn’t involve baking and eating.


One Response to “Done!”

  1. Sonia March 23, 2010 at 6:02 PM #

    Looks great! I bet Dan really likes it.

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