Another New Project

20 Mar

Somebody stop me!  I’m back to starting, starting, starting and not finishing ANYTHING!  That’s what happens when I play around with techniques.  They become partial projects.  It’s a sickness I’m afraid.

So here’s the whole story…. Have you heard about the Internet Klojses project?  Klosjes is the Dutch word for “spools” or bobbins.  I guess a group of women from the Netherlands work on these Klosjes by hand stitching.  Cool, I thought.  I did one.  Not cool.  I’m not a big fan of the spool block.  But I do like hand piecing in small amounts.  So I changed the project to TUMBLING BLOCKS.  What’s the Dutch word for that?  🙂  Since I’m bad at finishing, I decided only to make a small wallhanging.  This wall hanging can also be my first hand quilting piece.  Here’s what I got done this week.

Scrappy without a pattern – my favorite kind of experiment.  I didn’t even go with all muddy or country colors.  I threw in some brights and they look okay mixed with the others.  Some tone-on-tones, some wild fabrics.   Now I think I’ll set it in black diamonds with a small black border.

I really enjoyed the hand piecing and my intersections were GREAT – or at least better than my machine piecing intersections.  Six fabrics join on each intersection and you have a lot more control with hand piecing to get it perfect.


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