Quilt Auction

9 Mar

My Random Ohio Stars quilt was donated to my college’s Foundation auction this past weekend (picture of the top is here).  The Foundation funds  scholarships to students attending the college.  They have a yearly dinner/dance/auction with donated items from various businesses.  They usually request a t-shirt quilt made from college logo t-shirts.  Yuck – I’m sick of making those.  This year they forgot to ask me to make a t-shirt quilt and about a month before the auction, they called and asked if I had any quilts “lying around” that I might want to donate.  Do I have any quilts lying around?  Are they serious?  I have about 4 million quilts lying around!  I quickly quilted up the Random Ohion Stars quilt one day and bound it the next day.  I brought it in a week before the auction.  (I forgot to label it!)

The quilt went for $500.  I think that’s great!  $500 is books for a semester… or tuition for about two classes…. or gas to get to and from the college.   I’m glad someone paid that amount for the quilt.

I really enjoyed making Random Ohio Stars (Bonnie Hunter’s directions are here).  I’ll make another some time and keep it… maybe…


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