Random Blog Surfing

7 Mar

It’s a dreary day today so I was just randomly surfing through blogland this morning.  I’m looking for inspiration and pretty quilts to cheer up this rainy day.  And look what I found!

It’s on Crossroads Quilt blog.  It’s an opportunity quilt that her guild made and is selling tickets for.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  First, it’s red and white – my favorite combination.  Second, it’s applique – and finely done!  Third, the quilting is fabulous!  Oh my!  What a talented group of ladies.  Crossroads Quilts has more detailed pictures on her blog here.  I want to purchase 5000 tickets.  🙂

Shopping for kids’ clothes is on the agenda for today.  Yuck!  I don’t like to shop.  I despise it.  But those dang kids keep growing and need “stuff”.  DJ is the toughest to shop with because he’s a typical male shopper.  He’d rather that I go and bring back whatever.  He has no opinion – doesn’t matter to him.  So that’s good – in and out.  But he also doesn’t want to try stuff on so half the time I have to make a trip back to the store to exchange.  Double yuck!

Nothing like a positive attitude on the coming day, huh?


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