Riding Lesson

6 Mar

This morning Gianna and I went to the barn for a riding lesson.  We’ve been riding all winter but have picked up some bad habits and I thought we both needed a refresher.  Since we only own one horse, I rode a barn horse named Beemer.  He’s a big one!

It was a good lesson for both of us.  I like riding horses other than Mac.  I think it’s good too see how other horses act and to see other horses’ gaits.  Beemer was a show horse that was traded in last summer or fall.  He knows how to do everything but tries to get away with anything he can – just like Mac.  Gianna and I have to work on our “authoritiveness”  – showing the horse  who’s the boss.  So Beemer was a good fit for that.  I practiced riding in tight circles and bringing them out to larger circles.  Beemer’s trot is  VERY bouncy.  My bum is sore.  He’s also very FAST!  Both his lope and trot is fast IMHO.

Gianna’s lesson was very good.  She needs to concentrate on NOT leaning forward and she needs to get the fear out of her.  Once her confidence comes back, she’ll be fine.

On to a day of sewing!


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