Small Progress

3 Mar

This next round has 30 hexagons.  I have all made and the edges folded over.  I’ve attached about half. The picture doesn’t represent the colors well.  This round is much “greener/aqua” than the cerelean blue round.

I spent a good hour last night looking up tutorials on how to English Paper Piece.  Since I am self-taught, I was convinced that I wasn’t doing it right.  I came to the conclusion that there is no right way.  Everyone does it different.  My method is close to most.  I can’t figure out why these tutorials make a big deal about the Y intersections and handle them differently.  And some insist that you sew one direction or another (right to left – I sew  left to right or right to left depending on the task at hand).  So, there is no “right way” I’ve decided.

If I’ve learned anything from this, it’s:

DON’T use hand dyes for hand piecing.  The cerulean blue fabric is my hand dye.  Needling those pieces together made my fingers so sore!

And, of course, the next star points are primarily made of this fabric.  Oh joy!


One Response to “Small Progress”

  1. DAD March 3, 2010 at 10:23 PM #

    That is a very big coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!…DAD

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